Look at these amazing features this free game provides for you:

  • Match the shadow with its correct objects
  • Identify the name of body parts and connect with its picture
  • All in one preschool & kindergarten learning game
  • Animal Matching with their voice
  • Small picture vs Big picture
  • Connect baby to their child
  • Preschool-Kindergarten matching pair activities game
  • Connect to learn the shapes with their names
  • Small Alphabet vs big alphabet
  • Alphabet Letter with objects
  • Vehicle Matching with their voice
  • Music instrument Matching with their sound
  • Match the colors with its name
  • Random matching
  • Montessori learning
  • All Levels are Free
  • Prepare children for reading and writing—with lots of practice in problem-solving!
  • Development Milestone emerges from age 3 to 6 year
  • Counting score on each level free

Matching is a very important basic early math skill for preschoolers. Through matching, children learn to identify simple relationships as they learn to recognize similarities of things or objects in the environment. It also helps children to develop their logical thinking abilities. the child learns in this area is to coordinate visual skills with motor skills. In its simplest form, this is the ability to look at an object, reach for it, and grab it.

Technology Stack:

  • Android
  • iPhone