An educational tools for everything from improving hand-to-eye coordination to learning in an entertaining way


  • Learn letters with pictures and voices
  • Learn to count numbers (1-10) with counting games for kids
  • Color recognizing game: red, green, blue, yellow, etc.
  • Kids Computer learn Animals with picture and voices
  • Kids Computer help to learn fruits with picture and voices
  • Attractive design! It is suitable for all ages kids
  • Dozens of sounds
  • A delightful way for kids to learn the words

Kids Computer spell out the name of the picture using letters on the screen

Game include:

  • kids Computer learning
  • Kids Laptop Learning
  • Kids Tablet Learning
  • Kids Animal Learning
  • Kids Alphabet Learning
  • Kids Spell Learning
  • Kids Color Learning
  • Kids Fruit Learning

Technology Stack:

  • Android
  • iPhone